Canada, the second largest country of the world in terms of total land possesses a multicultural and diversified society. You may find a number of reasons to visitCanada. Among these reasons one of the important is diversity and number of food chains and restaurants in Canada. Here we look some very famous food chains and restaurants in Canada.

Empire Grill Restaurant

Ottawais the capital of Canadaand in the heart of the city there is Empire Grill restaurant. Although the restaurant is not very old and was established in 1998 but the success of the restaurant is really the acknowledgement of quality of food and best customer service. The customer service of the restaurant makes you feel that you are a star by the protocol and hospitality, which they provide. Other than these two main reasons, the elegance of atmosphere and modernism makes the restaurant a perpetual favourite for the visitors. If you want to enjoy the outdoor dinner then Empire Grill may be among the best options because the patio of the restaurant, which is the one of the largest patios of the city, has the seating capacity of 80 guests. This restaurant fulfills all requirements of customers from birthday parties to business meetings, from weddings to retirement parties etc.

Mary Brown’s

This chain of restaurants is one of the oldest food chains inCanada. From the establishment of the chain back in 1969 it has expanded to almost 83 locations in alloverCanada. Restaurant is famous for its dishes of chicken and taters. You can find the branches of this restaurant inNewfoundland,Labrador,Ontario,AlbertaandNova Scotia. You can find fresh chicken every time when you visit the restaurant and have delicious cuisine like sandwiches, different kind of salads, chicken wings, and wraps with different variety of toppings.

Carmello’s Italian Restaurant

Everyone knows that the Italian food heritage is considered as benchmark in food industry all over the world. In Canada Carmello’s Italian restaurant is a little reflection of Italian heritage. No doubt it is a perfect place to forget the daily life tensions. The interior of the restaurant is very touchy with russets, ochre and mustard tones which gives a class to the décor of the restaurant. Everything from the walls to windows and ceiling to floor is just eye catching. Other than the great interior, the meal of the restaurant is undeniably very delicious and full of variety from pasta to pizza.


Metropolitan Brasserie Restaurant

If you are visitingCanadaand want to have a fresh oyster then you have no other place in option than the metropolitan brasserie restaurant inOttawa. The restaurant is not famous only for oyster but other dishes are also having reason to eat like jumbo sprimps and mussels. Other than the food services the restaurant has the arrangement of banquet for weddings to make your special day exceptional.

Pizza Pizza

This is a famous 45 years old food chain of Canada established in 1967 in Ontario.with almost 3,000 employees and 600 restaurants till date. You can well imagine the popularity of this food chain from the fact that it serves 29 million orders annually.


Vij’s Restaurant

An Indian couple owns this restaurant and is ranked as number one restaurant inVancouver. The most powerful ingredient behind the success of the restaurant is typical Indian cooking techniques and spices and use of fresh ingredients adds more to it. Quality food is not the only reason of the success of the restaurant but the quality service, which is provided by the management, is also amazing.